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Thursday, 4/16 – The Concurrents #3: Peter Rednour & Paul Nicholson

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Please join us for the next installment of The Concurrents lecture series, featuring Peter Rednour from the School of Design Strategies, and Paul Nicholson from the Office of Advising. They will be speaking about their work on Thursday, April 16, at 12:00 pm, in the Bark Orientation Room (2 W 13th Street, 1st floor).

Paul Nicholson uses an interdisciplinary approach that employs traditional drawing, painting and photographic processes in the service of creating installation and public intervention projects.  Themes in his work vary from the explicitly political to the highly personal.  His process however, has remained consistently focused on exploring how the crafted object functions against the backdrop of shifting cultural, political and economic landscapes.

In addition to his creative research, Paul is also involved in curatorial projects at the New School and beyond as he considers organizing and intregal aspect to making meaning and constructing experiences.   Paul has helped to organize the New Show, Student shows for orientation welcome week, and has sat on the Alumni homecoming show committee.  He is the former director of Botanic Gallery and The Bushwick Beer Garden, a temporary autonomous zone which holds quarterly events in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn NY. His work is held in the collections of Burchfield-Penny Art Center [Buffalo, NY], The Suva Art Museum [Suva Fiji], and Queens College [Queens NY]. Paul earned his BFA from SUNY Fredonia, his MFA University at Buffalo, and his MS at Buffalo State College.

It took Peter a while to realize that what he was doing was a form of art practice. At first he just enjoyed making mixed CDs and care packages for friends, but slowly realized that beyond sending something fun to friends, he was creating works that spoke to the nature of relationship and connections. In the course of some travels he expanded this idea to postcards and illustration for recording adventures, telling stories, and staying connected to friends and family. Currently he’s looking to coaless these ideas and practices into something larger, starting with ideas surrounding queer community and self-constructed spaces of playful intimacy, where he can invite new people to join in creating communities.
Raised in the hip upstate art town of Beacon, but long before it was a staple of New York Times articles, Peter has lived in places as varied as San Francisco, London, and a Queer Farm in New Zealand. A fan of postcards, packages, and paper crafts, he’s built his art practice around gifting to friends, correspondences, and carefully created care packages.



Organized by Niki Kriese of AMT, the second iteration of the staff lecture series is collaborative in focus, pairing like-minded but vigorously independent artists from across Parsons to co-present and discuss their investigations. Events will range from screenings to performance to readings, with each artist crafting their own level of engagement with the audience. Similar themes, such as generosity, human interaction, and movement emerge in their work, but the excitement comes from seeing the distinct approaches and viewpoints collide.

For more information, please contact Niki Kriese

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