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The Transitives Lecture Series: Barb Compagnoni, 4/13

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Please join us for The Transitives lecture series!

Barb Compagnoni
Thursday, April 13
12PM in the Bark Room, 2 W. 13th Street

Barb Compagnoni is an east coast surfer, game designer and creative technologist. She has taken a unique space within the surfing community at the intersection of technology, biology and psychology; She investigates why we love the ocean and its waves, and believes that the ocean’s helpful benefits can be applied therapeutically.

Created in 2014 by Niki Kriese of AMT, the annual staff lecture series showcases the creative practices of Parsons staff members.This year’s series features artists who work with transformation, communication, storytelling, alchemy. There is a constant shifting of subject, object, author, audience, and the goal is to complicate before they clarify. Using film, text, painting, and science, the artists approach their topics from different directions but share that same need to tell stories and describe experiences. 

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