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The SoundAffects Project

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We’re sure most of you have seen the installation called SoundAffects, located along the facade of 68 Fifth Avenue (near the 13th Street corner), is turning street activity into music. This is an experiential project designed by the creative agency mono to highlight Parsons’ unique, creative approaches to social problem-solving, and it will be on display and open to your participation through May 22.

There are sensors along the installation that pick up movement, temperature, sound intensity, color, proximity, and cell phone activity. The sensor data is then used to generate music driven by these various environmental factors.

Feel free to interact directly with SoundAffects by plugging earphones into the jacks that dot the wall installation, or go online to to listen, see the same data visualized in color, and learn more about the project.

On May 17 at 4:00 pm, we would love for you to get out your phones and dial the number you’ll see displayed prominently on our block. Does being connected speed us up, or might it slow us down just as much?

These are just a few examples, and a full list of mono’s planned experiments is available at’re welcome to participate in any of them as well.

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