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The Phaistos Project — “Forty-five Symbols” Winning Projects of the Open Call 17/18

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         The Phaistos Disc, which was discovered in 1908 and is thought to date to around 1700 BC, is a circular piece of fired clay stamped with forty-five distinct symbols. This code is still unresolved. It inspires the participants of The Phaistos Project — Forty-five Symbols to translate current concerns — political, economic, ecological, cultural, or social challenges — into collections of forty-five unique symbols. Design methodologies are used as a mode of inquiry to develop ethnographic visual narratives that are subjective, stimulating, and reflect a critical position.
         The initiative “The Phaistos Project — Forty-five Symbols” (initiated and co-directed by AMT faculty Pascal Glissmann) believes that studying a time capsule from the past has the power to spark new ways of thinking. Of course, materials and devices have evolved. Today, clay is code, interfaces are fluid (and not discs) and the access to knowledge is ubiquitous through mobile devices. However: Who’s knowledge is it? Who really has access? What are the questions that emerging designers have for humankind today and which narratives are worth being preserved for future generations?
         The winning projects of the Open Call 17/18 are now published on the website:
         The open call for submissions 18/19 will be announced in May. Please reach out to AMT faculty Pascal Glissmann for any inquiries:
Chews a character — Patricia Grabowicz
AI Generated Language — Isaac Sanchez
The PET Proof of Identity — Madelene Imhof & Franziska Krenmayr
Baile Folklórico — Esalee Andrade-Guerrero
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