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“The Concurrents” Staff Artist Series

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Thursdays, April 2 – April 30, 2015
12:00pm in the Bark Orientation Room (2 W 13th Street) unless otherwise noted.

Organized by Niki Kriese of AMT, this second iteration of the staff lecture series is more collaborative in focus, pairing like-minded but vigorously independent artists from across Parsons to co-present and discuss their investigations. Events will range from screenings to performance to readings, with each artist crafting their own level of engagement with the audience. Similar themes, such as generosity, human interaction, and movement emerge in their work, but the excitement comes from seeing the distinct approaches and viewpoints collide.

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‘Concurrents’ refers to the idea that we are artists simultaneous to our day jobs and every role we inhabit. The sentiment of The Nocturnals was that of artists working at night, tucked away from the light of day. The reality, however, is that we can’t turn off the creative voice, for better or for worse. This need to create, and to view the world through the lens of our practice, affects each aspect of our lives. It is a tremendous gift to discover that we all work alongside people who share many of our same concerns, drives and inquiries.

Jennifer Soong &Joy McKinney – April 2

Yasi Ghanbari & Niki Kriese – April 9

Peter Rednour & Paul Nicholson – April 16

Amanda Keller & Dana Prieto – April 23 (location: Orozco Room, 66 W 12th, Room 712)

Deirdre McConnell & Jen Huh – April 30

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Produced with generous assistance by the Parsons Staff Development Fund.


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