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Student Exhibition – Bridge: A Cultural Collaboration in New Media _ A Screening

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Bridge: A Cultural Collaboration In New Media _ Screening
Date: Saturday, October 29th
Time: 11:30am to 5:30pm

Thomas Werner Gallery
526 West 26th Street #712 (Between 10th and 11th Avenues)

Eight six videos will be show during the course of the day, with both current Parsons students and alumni participating.

Bridge: A Cultural Collaboration in New Media is a project being produced by Thomas Werner Projects in cooperation with cultural partners in 20 cities across Russia, and individuals in America. The project consists of a series of three minute videos created by people between 18 and 27, giving them the chance to describe their lives and lifestyle within Russia, and to a much smaller extent the Unites States. The purpose of each video is to give insight into similarities and differences within everyday life in each country. Each student or young artist is creating a video, or videos, to illustrate or describe life in their respective cities and the surrounding regions.

Beyond anthropological cultural exploration, bridge building, and opening an unfiltered dialog between our countries, the project brings together diverse groups of young people within Russia and place them in contextual learning situations that will help them form personal creative problem solving processes and allow them to begin to understand the dynamics of working within a creative team. Equally important is empowering young artists to develop and define their own message, thus giving validity to their work and creative processes.

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