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Spring 2020 Electives, X-Studio: Sound Art: Resonance and Reverberation – Lindsay Benedict

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Christine Sun Kim, nap disturbance, 2016

X-Studio: Sound Art: Resonance and Reverberation

PSAM 3705, CRN 3305

Audio waves are a visceral phenomenon that engulf our bodies and penetrate our pre-cognitive senses. This sound art course will explore a diversity of production possibilities with audio as its own commanding medium.

During the semester, we will work with the physical, material, spatial, political and emotional properties of sound. We will learn to comprehend aural environments through sensory attention and active listening. We will explore the resonance of different materials in order to produce objects and structures that emit aurally. We will also experiment with the multiple possibilities of the public presentation of sound, which can take the form of a narrative audio tour, an acoustic sculpture, a sound map, an architectural infrasound installation, a choreographed transmission performance, or a spatial composition. You will be expected to present studio assignments to the class and participate in engaged critiques. Working in groups and collaborative projects are encouraged.

Plan on experiencing works by Christine Sun Kim, Janet Cardiff, Anne Walsh, John Cage, Camille Norment, Steve Reich, Miranda July, Tristan Perich, Wave Farm, Meredith Monk, Raviv Ganchrow, Matmos, Abdel Halim Hafez and others, with readings by Francisco López, Pauline Oliveros, Fred Moten, Michel Chion and others.

Prerequisite: Core Studio 1: 2D or a 1000 level Painting course.

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