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Spring 2020 Electives, X-Studio: MAXIMALISM – Johannah Herr

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PSAM 3701, CRN 2074

This interdisciplinary studio course explores material strategies of making where more is more. Maximalist ornament can be used for veneration, for satire, or even as a tool for subversion. It can instill awe or overload the senses. From the 17th c French Baroque to 1990’s Harijuku fashion in Japan, students will explore the various ways in which maximalist strategies are employed from a global perspective. We will also take a multifaceted dive into the political implications of maximalism, from the Pattern and Decoration Movement to rampant consumerism and the contemporary digital landscape. Students across Parsons working in various media are encouraged to participate, and projects in this class can span digital images, collage, installation, textiles and sculpture.

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