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Solo exhibition by MFA alumna Julie Lænkholm

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Husavik Museum proudly presents a solo exhibition by Julie Lænkholm

Opening the 13th of august 2016 (08.13.16 – 10.13.16)

Julie Lænkholm’s great great grandparents stem from Husavik, Iceland. Her grand parents later moved to Denmark and bought a house they called Husavik. In 2004, she visited Husavik, Iceland to find her parents names on the family tree of the town.

The exhibiton erupts from personal as well as the museum archive and will be reenactments of the archeive in (personal) historical places around the town of Husavik. Especially the (personal) archival material of the women in the family has been of the artists interest. The exhibition will attempt to use the family traditions of the Danish as well as Icelandic traditions to discuss what it means to stem from somewhere in a postcolonial perspective.

Julie Lænkholm is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. After graduating MFA Fine Arts june 2015 she was invited to be an artist in residence and teach in the Lunga school in Seydisfjordur, Iceland. She debuted with her first solo exhibition in Copenhagen “Clinging on to mothermoon” in May 2016. In the fall she will be an artist in residence at NIDA art Colony in Vilnius, Lithuania and have a solo exhibition in Sodu 4 (

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