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Scarf 2.0: EnsAD and Parsons recently collaborated in workshop to rethink the function of a scarf

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On February 25-26, 2012 researchers and faculty from EnsAD (Elisabeth de Senneville, Martin Le Bie, Martin Le Tic) and Parsons (Sabine Seymour, Scott Peterman) conducted a workshop on Intelligent Materials.

The topic was to create a micro collection of a new generation of scarves – with new functions one can imagine for a scarf 2.0. Students were exploring fabric sensor (capacitive, bend, stretch…), the Lilypad, Shape Memory Alloys, thermochromic ink, etc. The aim of the workshop was to imagine new functions of this multipurpose accessory.

Images of the workshop:

For more information visit: which features the projects developed in the workshops EnsAD – Parsons have conducted over the past year in Paris and New York. The next workshop will take place in Paris at EnsAD from June 4-8, 2012.

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