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Sabrina Banta, BFA Photography Senior, creates new fashion publication, Tabula Rasa Magazine.

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Tabula Rasa is an independent fashion publication featuring work from a roster of up-and-coming photographers. Unlike other fashion magazines, however, this one won’t be filled with glitzy Chanel or Prada advertisements. Instead, the publication will be focused solely on the photography itself. Sabrina’s always dreamed about starting her own magazine, and very soon, it may come to fruition. The all-female team comprised of Sabrina as Editor-in-Chief and some of her colleagues from projects-past, including BFA Communication Design senior Esther Kim, have worked tirelessly the past few months to produce the inaugural issue. Now it’s ready to be launched, but they need your help! Because Tabula Rasa is omitting advertisements (a revenue stream that most magazines depend on to stay afloat) the team behind the magazine began a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the first issue. Every donation helps to this dream into a reality! When I heard about the Kickstarter campaign, I was stoked to chat with my friend Sabrina about her inspirations behind what will surely become a phenomenal magazine.

Find out more about the project on Kickstarter!

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