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Rules of Engagement: Brand Building & Social Media

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Rules of Engagement: Brand Building & Social Media

63 Fifth Avenue, Room U100, New York, NY 10003
John L. Tishman Auditorium, University Center
Tuesday, May 1, 2018, at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM 


Social media has allowed both companies and individuals to leapfrog traditional media and forge direct relationships with supporters and assemble brand notoriety. But consequently, the landscape has also become oversaturated and ever-changing. How then do you build a brand that stands apart? And ultimately, how do you shift your branding, marketing, and media strategy to leverage online networking platforms to build an authentic and modern brand?
In this session, you will hear from industry experts on how they built their brands for the digital age and you will learn how to develop and design your own brand narrative. Join influencer Patrick Janelle, fashion designers Mike Eckhaus, and Babak Radboy as they discuss strategic and practical social media insights with acclaimed New York Times journalist Matthew Schneier.
This panel is open to all but designed specifically for creatives engaged in social media and brand building.


  • Matthew Schneier, Matthew is a reporter and deputy critic for the New York Times Styles section, where he covers all aspects of the fashion industry and fashion’s many intersections with culture, art and the digital world.
  • Mike Eckhaus / Eckhuas Latta, ECKHAUS LATTA is an American fashion label established in 2011 by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta. Mike Eckhaus is based in New York City and Zoe Latta is based in Los Angeles.
  • Babak Radboy / TelfarBabak is an artist working exclusively in the professional idiom of Art Direction. He is a partner and creative director at the fashion line Telfar which has made headlines for its nationwide unisex uniforms for the hamburger chain White Castle and for winning the 2017 Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund. 
  • Patrick Janelle / Spring Street Social Society, Janelle stepped out on his own to forge brand partnerships, create secret pop-up gatherings across Manhattan with his creative partner, Amy Virginia Buchanan, and pursue a lifestyle worthy of the constant photos he posts on Instagram. Patrick has been recognized by The New York Times, The Telegraph, and The Guardian as a top food Instagrammer and was awarded the inaugural Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award by the CFDA.


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