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Redesigning the Designed: Non-Intentional Design (NID)

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The MFA Programs in Fine Arts and Photography cordially invite you to a talk by KISD Professors Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff.

Redesigning the Designed: Non-Intentional Design (NID)

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Room 304, 55 W 13th St.
Free and open to the public

NID (a term invented by Michael Erlhoff and Uta Brandes) describes the everyday “re-design” of any professionally designed product or sign by the users. Non-Intentional Design defies all norms, endows seemingly one-dimensional objects with a variety of design options, implies transformation in combination with intelligent new functionality. It is about the use and clever “exploitation” of objects already designed: the chair (also) becomes a coat-rack, a ladder, or by piling books on the seat – a children’s chair; staples are used for cleaning fingernails; magnets on the refrigerator turn it into a pinboard; steps are not just there to overcome differences in height, but also serve as seats or ramps for skaters … – the possibilities are endless.

NID is created out of necessity, convenience and play. It is frequently reversible and sometimes the product will be given a definite new designated use. NID uses, transforms and generates something new without the intention or will to create new design.

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