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Rabbithole is proud to present: FAKELORE: Fables and Legends of the Americas

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Opening Reception:
Thursday, Nov. 6th

FAKELORE: Fables and Legends of the Americas is a stop motion animation anthology narrating folktales from North and South American countries. This exhibition includes projection screenings of the first three episodes: United States’s Pecos Bill, Colombia’s Madremonte, and Canada’s La Chasse-galerie, and installation of costumes, photographs, and props built for each.


The project retells our ancestorsʼ stories through a combination of traditional stop motion animation, digital techniques, and large scale sets. Each story is photographed from an overhead perspective, with the camera being rigged high above and the ground being the background stage, with real actors and props built to scale. Each story is filmed with a style unique to its country; from the sepia-­toned Wild West, to a lush vibrant Colombian forest, and a wintery Canadian canoe floating in the sky.

The term “Fakelore” was coined by folklorist Richard Dorson, for larger audiences. His term references the further removal and fabrication of an oral folktale to appease the masses. These tall tales, while not based on real people, say a lot about natives’ cultures and values. The series spins this definition through reinterpreting these tales to re-­engage a digital audience.

FAKELORE is created and directed by Caroline Voagen Nelson, Nyahzul, and Maria Paula Abadia

The series has been in development since 2012 and so far a recipient of the Brooklyn Arts Council 2014 grant and “Editor’s Choice Award” at this year’s Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science. FAKELORE is also creating workshops to teach children folk tales through stop -motion and the raspberry pi technology.

Pecos Bill Chapter 1

Pecos Bill Chapter 2


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