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Projects from the first Re3 Story Hackathon at Parsons!

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The first ever Re3 StoryHack, held this past weekend on the Parsons campus, brought changemakers and creatives together to craft persuasive, justice-based stories. Emmy-winning filmmakers, top developers and designers, students from Parsons, SVA, NYU and Yale and brilliant people from major organizations like the New York Times, Google, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Channel Thirteen, DesigNYC and Bloomberg, all converged on Parsons to devote their weekend to crafting these important stories.  Parsons BFA Communication Design faculty Juliette Cezarre, and Illustration alumnus Deroy Peraza are part of the Re3 team of organizers.

Leading up to the event, over 200 creatives applied. 103 creatives (54 of the creatives were female, 49 were male–rare for this kind of event) were selected and matched with eight stories, chosen from the 40 true stories nominated by people who work with social issues every day. Creatives were then grouped into teams and introduced to their teammates prior to the event. On average, creatives spent five hours working on their project prior to day of the event.

Over the course of the event weekend, the teams worked with their story nominators to craft 17 Projects in two days, including short films, websites, infographics, tools, social media campaigns, data sculptures and more.

More photos here

Below are just a few of the awesome projects that came out of the event:


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