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Photo Faculty Arthur Ou in Exhibit in Korea

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Photography Is Magic!

Main Exhibition, Daegu Photo Biennial, 2012
September 20-October 28
Daegu, Korea

showcases the playful and experimental aspects of photography. The title of the main exhibit of 2012 Daegu Photo Biennale,highlights the alchemy of photographic creation and effect, outstanding hand skills, chance and transformation, thereby disclosing the essential elements of its identity. Twenty-nine artists participating in the Biennale offer appropriate answers to the fundamental question of the original versus the new characteristics of a photograph. Emphasizing the uniqueness of photography in contemporary art, this exhibit zooms in on the materiality of photography. The works, which juxtapose the visual and plastic idioms as seen in modern sculpture or installation art, probe into an object or material entity that is derived from a photographic image common to our times, while at the same time re-assessing the uniqueness of the physicality of a photograph.

Curated by Charlotte Cotton

Marie Angeletti
Lotta Antonsson
Seung Woo Back
Sebastiaan Bremer
Brian Bress
Bianca Brunner
Nancy De Holl
Emmeline De Mooij
Liz Deschenes
Charlotte Dumas
Jessica Eaton
Shannon Ebner
Jason Evans
Daniel Gordon
Paul Graham
Cuny Janssen
Rinko Kawauchi
Do Kyun Kim
Yuki Kimura
Taisuke Koyama
Owen Kydd
Matt Lipps
Annie Macdonell
Carter Mull
Taiyo Onorato Nico krebs
Athur Ou
Lieko Shiga
Sara Venderbeek

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