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Part Time tutoring job available for design & technology students

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Metropolitan Art Center and Services Inc. (MACS) offers a list of supplement training programs that helps to enrich and develop student’s strength in many areas. In past years, MACS has established the student alumni program in the Arts industry from top schools in NYC. Our students are college student at Junior or senior year, and graduated as well.

One of our key missions here is to identify available IT (Interactive Telecommunication) tutors for our students. We are offering a part-time job for anyone who have knowledge of Design and Technology and able to teach the basics of it. Our office is located in Midtown of Manhattan, New York. The tutor will be directing a small group (one to three, and maximum number of five) for 12 SESSIONS (2 HOURS/PER SESSION). Working hour is flexible and will be adjusted based on your personal schedule.

MACS thinks that alumni and students of your school are perfect fit for this position. It will be grateful to hear from you about information of your current students and/or alumni for this teaching position for Design and Technology.

Please contact us at 646-383-8663 or email if you are interested in introducing appropriate personals to us.

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