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Parsons/Verizon AI Design Jam, October 27-29.

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Parsons/Verizon AI Design Jam, October 27-29.

A bunch of you have asked “Why AI?”. The answer to that is different, depending on who you are and what you are designing for. Whether you are doing experimental art, design for social justice, or commercial UX/UI, the rapidly evolving power of AI can (and will) influence and change the products you make. The intent of this jam is to approach this new tool (if you can call AI a tool) from a variety of perspectives. We want you to learn and experiment. Few of us are experts, but we need to educate ourselves about AI, and consider how it might augment, amplify, or change the work we are making. This jam is intended to foster exactly this type of engagement. We know this isn’t all positive: there are deep negative overtones to this new technology. Again, engagement will help us understand how we can (or must) approach it.

Friday Oct 27 – Sunday Oct 29

Friday 7-9pm

Saturday all day (flexible)

Sunday judging 11-3pm

6 East 16th st., 12th floor

New York, NY

On Friday evening, we’ll have a nice meal, review the charges and schedule, introduce people, and kick things off.

On Saturday your group will have two “mentor sessions”, with Parsons faculty and/or creative technologists from Verizon Innovation. You’ll sign up for those sessions, so you will know what time you need to be there.

On Sunday, all groups will present their projects up at “Alley”, an incubator on 24th St. We will then announce winners and prizes.

Team size: We are asking that you work in groups of 3 or 4— no (or few) exceptions

Design charges: Your group should choose one charge to play off of. These are very flexible— in the end, your project will not be judged based on its adherence to a design charge.

Charge #1: How can non-visual methods be used to drive content discovery?

Charge #2: How can users discover new content through alternative discovery platforms like voice, gesture, or other interfaces?

Charge #3: How can recommendations be generated by and delivered to users through non-traditional methods?

Deliverables: On Sunday, teams will deliver a short deck (10-12 slides) and a 90 second video. You will have 4 minutes to present.

Cash prizes! We’ve got about $5K to give away. We haven’t decided yet how we will divide it up: stay tuned.

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