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Parsons BFA student Anahid Mishek featured in “A Bigger Splash” at Lyles and King

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Lyles and King presents “A Bigger Splash,” an exhibition by Yves Scherer with Markus Selg and Parsons BFA student, Anahid Mishek. The exhibition features sculpture, video, and painting by the three artists combined in an immersive environment that takes you on a spiritual journey through waterfalls, a Christian pilgrim’s side, and a snake-infested wood into the ecstasy and lavishness of hot days in the south. It’s the combination of materials like wood and stone with tropes of water and bright colors that brings us an experience which touches on notions of the earthly, the sacred and divine while at the same time seduces us to indulge in the fruits of life. It’s a bigger splash and a celebration of the simple things: love, joy and warmth amid a most chilly period (from press release).

A Bigger Splash
by Yves Scherer, Markus Selg and Anahid Mishek
Lyles and King
February 19-March 19th, 2017
106 Forsyth St. Broome, NY 10002

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