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Parsons BFA Photography Alumnus Jared Moossy Recovery Fund

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Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.37.40 AMParsons BFA Photography Alumnus Jared Moossy was critically injured by a drunk driver. His friends and family are raising money for his rehabilitation through a an INDIEGOGO Recovery Fund.

From the INDIEGOGO page:

The family together with Jared’s colleagues are selling limited edition and open edition photographs to raise money for Jared’s extensive rehabilitation.

Jared Moossy is a renowned photojournalist and cinematographer, that has worked in war torn and impoverished countries. He has been widely published, and was Director of Photography on the HBO series Witness. While he is mostly known for his photography, he is a humanitarian first. An advocate for human rights at all cost. Jared has skillfully and creatively used his art of photography and cinematography to capture human suffering in its purest form. He has risked his life, time and time again, to tell stories. He has traveled the world, and through his evocative images given voice to people who have been silenced. It is important that he is recognized as a man who has strength of heart. A courageous man, a nonconformist who refuses to accept the status quo and takes risk for the greater good. He has witnessed the fragility of our existence in many contexts and now the reality of his own fragility is before him.

In the face of a difficult situation, we must remember the stories of the individuals. We must focus on these narratives to understand and appreciate the value of each and every human life. Jared is not merely a victim of a careless act. He is a fighter, and as his family we have a grave responsibility to tell his empowering story in way that will make him proud. We hope to shine a light on the terrible and destructive effects of Drunk Driving, and to encourage safer practices. The world needs more artists, more humanitarians, more Jared Moossy’s, and less carelessness.

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