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Parsons beats NYU in the "Iron Game Design Challenge" at IndieCade East!

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Colleen Macklin, game designer and Associate Professor at AMT and Director of PETLab led the Parsons team to victory this past weekend with a game labelled as “a Joust sequel with swingers and deflowering” (the props given to both the NYU and Parsons teams included silk flowers). Participants from the crowd had to crawl around the stage on their knees, trying to yank flowers out of as many back pockets as possible! The fun and irreverent game blew a raspberry at NYU’s less chaotic, arguably more strategy-based game.

Of course, the event was literally all fun and games, and both teams (and fans) clearly had a blast trash talking each other with smiles on their faces:

NYU: “Parsons is all about the gimmicks!”

Parsons: “NYU can’t think outside the box!”

Stay tuned for an interview with one of the Parsons team members, the feisty Ms. Rachel Law, later this week, as well as an interview with IndieCade Keynote Speaker, our own Associate Professor of Games and Learning, and co-director of PETLab, John Sharp!

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