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Paid UX Design Internship at Policy Genius

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A  digital product designer looking to expand their skill set to include the entire design cycle. This includes defining the problem, creating multiple solutions, refining the options, picking the winner and executing.  Be able to work on projects ranging from asset creation for marketing to usability testing.


We need a well-rounded UX designer to join our team of engineers, writers, and insurance gurus working to solve a big problem in a non-sucky way. That same feeling you get when you hear the word ‘insurance’, likely accompanied by an eyeroll, is what drives us to upend the industry and make something that actually changes peoples lives. Taking care of your insurance online is never going to be “fun”, but we’re darn sure that we can make it easy and enjoyable.

The role will start out as an internship with potential to join the full team after 6 months (or sooner if we end up in one of those Lady & The Tramp spaghetti moments).

We’re expecting that

  • You’re a designer with a sharp focus on UX and digital product design
  • You’ve created interfaces across a variety of devices/screens
  • You have a solid understanding of user-centered design (creating user stories, approaching problems from user needs, etc.)
  • You understand the need to sidestep perfection to get things done
  • You’re able to shift your aesthetic to match project requirements
  • You’re an adept communicator; able to ask the right questions, articulate decisions, and probe for requirements from other disciplines on the team
  • You are actively engaged in the design community (dribble, meetups, AIGA, etc.)

You’re emotionally intelligent

You’ve conducted user testing

What It’s Like To Be Part of the Team

  • We love to learn. And to ask questions.
  • Respecting our team member’s expertise and perspective is paramount. We’re constantly on our slack channels sharing articles and GIFs.
  • We hope there is something outside of insurance that excites you, and we hope that you’ll want to share it with us.
  • We’ll set you up with whichever tools you need to succeed (hardware, software, books, etc).
  • You’ll work in our offices in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  • We’re Agile and Lean, with an emphasis on the processes that keep us focused and happy.
  • We pair with other team members very frequently, and we value informed dissent. Seriously.


  • Competitive pay/salary
  • Ground-floor member of a startup team
  • Shape the culture of the design team
  • The problems you’ll be solving are real, expansive, and consumer facing
  • Mentorship opportunities with the existing team leads in product, business, tech, and content
  • Some fun surprises when you join… (shhh… it’s a secret)

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