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opportunity for submissions to festival at Columbia University

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It’s here again~
3 Minute Media presents the Second Annual Teachers College Social Issue Media Festival. The festival is an opportunity for you to voice your opinions on a social issue of your choice.

So what’s social issue media? For the purposes of this festival we are referring to digital, multimedia artifacts (e.g., video, audio podcast, digital story) that call raise awareness about a social issue with the intention of evoking social action.

So how do you participate? It’s pretty simple:
– Open to anyone (If you are under 18 years old, parent permission is required)
– Entries must be submitted by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2011 (DEADLINE EXTENDED)
– Entries must be under 3 minutes in length

All entries are eligible for jury awards!

For more information and complete participation guidelines, please visit us at or email us at

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