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Open position for an Interaction Designer

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The NextTV Project
The experience of the-device-formerly-known-as-TV

Open position for an Interaction Designer
The MIT Mobile Experience Lab, Design Lab, is working on a strategic vision project to understand and design the future of television: The NextTV Project. If you spend too much time on YouTube and don’t even own a TV, if you feel the upcoming generation of ‘hybrid’ TV experiences is just the beginning of a massive transition to a completely different interaction model, if you are excited by the idea of content being seamlessly distributed to screens of different sizes to be accessed in different contexts, joining this project is a unique opportunity to shape the experience of the-device-formerly-known-as- TV.

The NextTV project aims at understanding the television emerging narrative structures and investigate how the TV content will change in length, format, action/interaction, will analyze delivery ecosystems (how content will be delivered, which social structures will generate, access, share, manipulate, and annotate content) and will explore new forms of interactions. The project will research content strategies, user experience design and user understanding with the scope to envisage the interaction with TV content in 2012.

Job Description:
We are looking for a talented and very motivated interaction designer who will participate in designing the next generation interaction with television content and delivery ecosystem.

The candidate will:
– support the phase of user experience design, developing the design of user interfaces on multiple platforms, from handheld devices to large TV screens.
– work in a team with a content analyst and narrative researcher The candidate will start immediately, and work in Boston, MA, and should have permission to work in the US.

The candidate should have a good combination of visual design and motion graphic skills. The final delivery of the project will be screen-shots, applications flows, and, above all, interactive demos and videos. The ideal candidate should master Flash and After Effect or similar, and be familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator. Familiarity with emerging technical platforms for digital TV delivery, such as HTML5, GoogleTV, Apple TV, etc, is welcome.

The project will be developed between October and December 2010.

Contact: To know more about the project, and submit your resume, email
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