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NYTimes covers AMT Faculty and Curator of Translife at The National Art Museum of China

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AMT faculty, Zhang Ga is the curator of the Translife Exhibition at The National Art Museum of China, which ran this summer from July 26-August 17. The New York Times review interviews Zhang and also highlights the “Weather Tunnel” installation that stands in the museum’s courtyard. It contains weather-themed works by young artists from universities in China, the United States, Europe and Australia that draw on the same, real-time climatic data from around the globe. Data is transmitted by custom-made sensors based on those created by MFA DT Alum Joe Saavedra for a project called Citizen Sensor. The “Electromechanical Solenoid Orchestra & Weather Ensemble” was created by Joe and faculty Benjamin Bacon, and it plays music composed in real time based on data from the sensors.

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