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New School Free Press Has Work Study Web Development Job

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The student newspaper seeks a web developer with the following skills:
* CSS/HTML best practices
* Movable Type or Drupal
* PHP5.x
* MySQL 5.0 or greater
* Perl Modules
* adept at working on a large, modular, constantly growing site

* familiarity with working with multimedia assets: videos, photos, etc.
* familiarity with implementing podcasts
* able to streamline workflow between InDesign, Google Docs, and CMS for the team

* SET-UP: configure/maintain web server to execute CGI scripts written in Perl
* SET-UP: doublecheck our intial set-up of CMS to make sure that everything is as it should be
* SET-UP & OCCASIONAL FOLLOW-UPS: cross-browser/cross-platform site optimization/performance
* REGULAR BASIS: backups of each issue: online and offline
* REGULAR BASIS: general tech support/troubleshooting
* OCCASIONAL: software upgrades
* OCCASIONAL: feature/widget/module modifications
* MAYBE: migrate site data to new CMS if necessary down the road


If interested, please contact Heather Chaplin at

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