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Momentum Equation Internship 2014

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The Momentum Equation Internship is back again!

 Application deadline is March 15th


Get ready for a career that’s beyond creative


Maybe you consider yourself a creative thinker. Maybe you like marketing because you’re persuasive, or love brands—or you like the idea of building something that people will talk about online and at dinner. Maybe you just want to develop something new. Maybe you see a big, changing industry and the opportunity to make your mark.

Momentum EQUAT/ON is where you start. Welcome to a job that goes beyond what you consider creative—the world of brand experience.


Plain and simple, Momentum creates experiences for brands that touch every single part of peoples’ lives. From the screens you watch, to the checkout aisles, to Facebook, to your actual conversations, even the concerts you go to—we put brands there in a way that’s different and entertaining. We integrate sponsorships, shopper, design, technology, social, promotions, digital, entertainment and more—creating the total brand experience for modern consumers.


We helped create two TV shows in 2013 for DIRECTV. In Manila we built a billboard with Coca-Cola that literally eats pollution. We reinvented the notion of tennis sponsorship at the US Open. We shut down São Paulo to have an F1 legend take his car out on the streets. In the UK we’re launching new brands for Nestlé. Around the world we helped launch an in- Spotify app called Placelists for Coca-Cola that lets people geo-tag places with their own playlists and share them with friends. And Sports Business Journal named us Best Sports Event and Experiential Agency in 2013.


There’s no one type here. Here, the person who did all their extra credit homework sits next to the person who skipped class to study outside and STILL got an A. The person who comes up with the theme party idea sits next to the person who loves organizing the guest list and invitations. And the person who keeps amazing productive conversations moving sits next to the person who sits quietly until the end of the meeting, until they say one amazing thing that BLOWS YOUR MIND.

We want provocateurs. Big thinkers. Curious, unstoppable folks with bold personalities. If you’re willing to sacrifice your ego to be one with the team…
If you’re fearless enough to fight for big ideas and smart risks…
If you know that doing great work and having fun can be the same thing…

If you’re eager to give back to the world that inspires you…
If you’re read to grow as a person because you helped others grow…

…well, apply. Duh.


The second you’re part of Momentum, you’re privy to the kind of experience we love to create—something informative, fun and unforgettable. For the first two days, you’re immersed in a solid foundation of knowledge, business and professional basics—it’s Momentum 101 and Brand Experience Boot Camp all rolled into one.

You’ll have a home team and department, but you’ll spend time with other departments gaining a full understanding of their roles; learn how to “be one” and work together in the best way; and get exposure to other projects.

In addition to having a hands-on, experienced day-to-day supervisor to help you do great work, we’ll also provide you with a mentor to show you the ropes and give additional perspective on your personal growth. We also stage training and discussions with internal experts to give insight to other areas of our business. You’ll even team up with and compete against other interns around the US on a Pitch Challenge, where the winners receive a prize!

The experience will be what you make it, and Momentum Worldwide provides the resources and support to make it something wonderful. Get ready to build something new.

Sound like you? PLEASE APPLY by ! The Equat/on intern program will run in the summer of 2014. Internship opportunities are available in Atlanta, New York, Chicago and St. Louis. Application deadline is March 15th

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