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Opening Reception for Group MFA Exhibition “Between Here and There”

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Between Here and There

25 East Gallery

25 East 13th St, New York, NY 10003

5th Floor

Opening Reception: September 24,2019

6-8 PM

Curated by: Sidi He and Jie Shao

Artist: Java Jones, Jie Shao, John Holland, Josephine Lee, Junjie Lin, Laurel Richardson, Sidi He, Sixing Xu

Places are difficult to describe but not impossible to express. We all live and work at a certain address, a place. The address is precise and clear, while the place is indistinct, relative, difficult to describe. 

How is a place built in our minds? What can be used as a symbol of a place? Can a picture can represent a place? Can a description can represent a place, or is an address is enough to represent?

This show offers a comprehensive view of different places, stemming from thoughts to visual forms. The artists in this show explore places on different layers, a faraway place, a place in memory, a place in reality, a place that has disappeared, a new place…

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