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MFA Photo Exhibit at Photoville, Brooklyn

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charterparty [ˈtʃɑːtəˌpɑːtɪ]
1. (Maritime law) an agreement for the hire of all or part of a ship for a specified voyage or period of time.

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OPENING: JUNE 22 | 5-10 PM


The works in this exhibition represent a collective conversation being undertaken by this current generation of emerging artists. These artists are unapologetic in their pursuit to locate themselves and activate their ideas in this rapidly evolving world. They seek to impact the present and shape the future. They chose to confront the larger questions that often do not reflect light, to grapple with the possibilities and conundrums. The work is full with quirks and contradictions, tragedy and humor, echoes of the past and contemplations on the future, personal introspection and calls for revolution. Most importantly this exhibition contains glimpses of a future.

Artists: Adam Abel, Alison Chen, Charlie Rubin, Chelsey Morell, Christina Labey, Colleen Fitzgerald, Denise Monczewski, Devon Dill, Dominica Paige, Dylan Entelis, Eugen Litwinow, Haley Bueschlen, Jeanette Spicer, John Deamond, Jose Soto, Joy McKinney, Kate Stone, Kreerath Sunittramat, Leif Huron, Light Park, Lisa Haefner, Madelaine Edmonds, Maria Sprowls, Nathan Bett, Noelle Theard, Phoenix Lindsay-Hall, Regis Trigano, Sara Maria Salamone, Sharon Ma, Sylvia Hardy, Terrance James, Tony Flanagan, Yichen Zhou

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PHOTOVILLE is a new Brooklyn-based photo destination – a veritable village of freight containers transformed into temporary exhibition spaces, taking place this summer from June 22 to July 1, 2012. Photoville will feature a feisty mix of exhibitions, lectures, hands-on workshops, nighttime projections, a photo dog run, a camera greenhouse, and a summer beer-garden with food trucks that will create a photography destination like no other. Occupying more than 60,000 sq. feet in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park, along the Brooklyn Waterfront between DUMBO and Atlantic Avenue.











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