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MFA Fine Arts Student Exhibiting Wall Piece at Lobby in 66 Fifth Ave

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Motto, 2013
Mark John Smith, MFA Fine Arts, Class of 2014


Motto 2013 explores the aesthetics and genealogies of global urban environments and communications to highlight changes in apparatuses, perspectives and our built environments. The composite image is composed of architecture shot in five different locations (New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Madrid), each one from the perspective of an upward gaze, conveying a sense of aspiration and travel. The text is derived from the national mottos of the ten most represented international communities at The New School (from data provided by the International Student Services Office in 2013). Presented in the original languages and in English translation, the texts along with the images emphasize the global communities of our university and the many positions we occupy in a world-wide creative dialogue.


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