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MFA DT Students and Faculty Show Work at the NYC Media Lab’s Future Interfaces

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nycmedialabsMFA Design and Technology students, alumni and faculty will be presenting their work at the NYC Media Labs FUTURE INTERFACES event on November 18th. Learn more about the projects from our faculty and students below!

From the Parsons Faculty:

PORTALCADE by Kyle Li, Assistant Professor of Media Design and MFA DT Alum
–  An RFID embedded joystick.


OpenBCI: An Open-Source Brain-Computer Interface by Conor Russomanno, (alumni and part time faculty) and Joel Murphy, Co-founders, OpenBCI
–  An open-source, bio-sensing microcontroller intended for artists, engineers, researchers, developers and more

From our students:


Augmented Skirt by Birce Ozkan, MFA DT
–  A smart and fashionable piece featuring the technology of a navigational instrument.

Enlightenment by Birce Ozkan and Betty Quinn, MFA DT
– An interactive skirt that physically visualizes the meditative state of the wearer.


SoundSorial by Yuchen Zhang, MFA DT
–  A wearable instrument that creates audioscapes based on particulate matter in the surrounding environment.

pocket therapist

brain waves by Barbara Compagnoni, MFA DT
–  A pocket therapist, allowing users to creating tangible artifacts from biometric data.


An Interactive Guide to Learning a New Language by Nour Chamoun and Mala Kumar, MFA DT
– A physical book with embedded electrical circuitry in the pages that acts as a tangible interface and outputs data to the web platform.



The media consumption experience is poised to transform, and fast. Technologies that have been tinkered with for years, ranging from virtual and augmented reality to sensors and robotics, are finally on the tipping point of mass commercialization. As the physical and digital worlds converge, how will these technologies shape how people interact with digital media?

NYC Media Lab and Razorfish invite you to the second occasion of Future Interfaces, an evening “science fair” on the future of human-computer interaction and digital media. Go hands-on with demos from startups and universities to see what’s on the verge of commercialization, what’s still in the lab, and what advances will change the nature of media and communications in the future.

For more information on the event and to register visit here.

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