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MFA DT Student Birce Ozkan’s Senior Project Featured on Wearable Wednesday’s and Textile is More!

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bircefall5Birce Oskan‘s (MFA Design and Technology) Senior thesis project named Fall, was recently published on Wearable Wednesday and Textile is more! Congrats Birce!

About FallFall is an interactive garment and that mimics nature’s responsive systems through hidden electronic mechanism. The behavior of the garment is inspired by nature’s seasonal behavior of Defoliation, the process through which trees naturally lose their leaves. The piece reacts to the simulated use of surrounding environmental factors.The objective is not only to augment a garment’s functionality but also to use its qualified technology as an instrument to create an expressive interactive piece. My thesis project was evolved around the questions What if when the temperature got hot suddenly, our clothes would start to break apart in response? What if they had the skill to behave depending on the surrounding conditions? What if garments had the ability to sense the environment just like living organisms?

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