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MFA DT Project on Kickstarter

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Andy Wallace, MFA DT student has project up on Kickstarter:

Doodle Defense was initially developed for a class in algorithmic animation at Parsons’ MFA in Design and Technology. He wrote the game in openFrameworks, which handles the gameplay and the processing of player’s drawings. Currently, the game uses the Kinect to capture the board image.

The project is completely open source, and can be gotten from

The Future (from Andy’s post on Kickstarter):
Although Doodle Defense has mostly been played at Parsons, I don’t want it to stop there. I would like to make Doodle Defense into an installation piece that could be submitted to and shown at innovative tech and game places like IndieCade, The IGF and Babycastles, as well as played at home. If I get the resources, I’m going to go a step further and develop an iPad version, to make it more accessible still.

The funding I receive will go toward getting artists and sound designers to create the assets needed to have a fully polished final product with a fun and engaging atmosphere. It will also allow me to take the time to tighten up the mechanics and make challenging levels and cleverer foes. Most importantly, it will allow me to develop a version for the iPad.

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