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MFA DT in Bon Appitit, Boing Boing and The Connectivist!

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The MFA DT Program in the School of Art, Media and Technology is constantly making news! The latest of which includes 2013 graduate Maya Weinstein’s DIY High Fructose Corn Syrup Kit  getting into the Bon Appitit test kitchen and onto Boing Boing, and MFA DT Director Dave Carroll getting quoted in digital age herald, The Connectivist, on the future of web design as related to innovations in how we interact with the internet. Find out more below!

“The whole reason why companies use high-fructose corn syrup is that it’s really cheap to make,” Weinstein said, “partly, I think, because the same companies that manufacture these enzymes are also manufacturing corn.” But her kit for making the same stuff at home cost $70 to $80, just to end up with a little jar. This is an art project, however, not a business plan for a sweetener start-up: “I’d like to give this recipe to people and let them do what they will,” Weinstein said. “It’s all about doing it yourself, taking the ideas of open sourcing technology and applying them to food. By taking back these foods that aren’t ours, deconstructing them and reconstructing them, maybe we can disrupt the industry a little bit.”

“Make Your Own High Fructose Corn Syrup”, Bon, May 30, 2013

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The rise of different screen sizes in laptops, phones, and tablets poses a challenge for designers. But in just a few years, we may not be viewing content on screens much at all, says David Carroll, the Director of the MFA Design & Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. “The role of the screen will radically change in the coming five to 10 years where it will become more ubiquitous and less central in our lives,” says Carroll. “We won’t spend so much of the day just staring at the screen in front of us. The screen will be embedded more into our environments.”

“How We Decided What The Internet Looks Like”, The Connectivist, May 28, 2013


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