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MFA DT Faculty and Students Help Launch a Digital Art Installation Along Hadrian’s Wall

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MFA DT Faculty Zach Lieberman is a founding member of New York-based digital arts collective YesYesNo, which is launching Connecting Light, a digital art installation along Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site in Northern England. And Parsons students have been involved in helping prototype and develop some of the software.

The installation consists of hundreds of large-scale, light-filled balloons transmitting colors from one-to-another, creating a communication network spanning over 70 miles that is going to become the world’s longest artwork. Viewers will have a chance to submit their tiny messages which will be transformed into pulses of colored light passing along the wall akin to Morse code.

The installation will take place on the nights of August 31 and September 1. It will be part of the London Festival, a three-month cross-country arts feast involving up to 12,000 events staged to coincide with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.










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