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MFA DT Student Profile: Yuchen Zhang

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AMT recently had the chance to catch up with MFA Design and Technology student Yuchen Zhang. Learn more about Yuchen and her recent project Imagined Body below!

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Was this a class project? Which class?   

I started this project in my Major Studio II class during the Spring 2014 semester. By the end of the class, I had a final prototype that I was happy with for the kinetic wearable concept. I wanted to create a series for this concept, so Engadget Expand gave me a chance to keep working on the series.

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Can you describe your design vision and/or ethos?  

Imagined Body is a kinetic wearable series. It enhances the wearer’s body movements to better communicate his or her emotions. The piece utilizes both mechanics and fashion construction techniques. The mechanics in this piece are tied to the human body’s kinesthetic movements. The wearer activates the piece seamlessly simply by moving his arms.

The piece is made with laser-cut acrylic sheets, neoprene, monofilament, nylon threads and vellum paper. This wearable project doesn’t use any motors or electricity for activation. The technology in this project is fitting mechanical structure around human body. To make sure the wearer will be comfortable in this piece, the mechanical structure is created in modules. The laser cut pieces are sequenced together with neoprene around the wearer’s neck. In this way the piece functions mechanically but also can fit around the wearer’s neck comfortably.

The pieces are composed of neoprene harness rigged with microfilament attached to laser-cut acrylic pieces. When the user moves or tenses his arms he pulls on the suit’s microfilament tendons which cause the acrylic pieces to lift or contract.

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Has Parsons played any part in developing that? 

Since I started the project in my last major studio class in the Design and Technology department at Parsons, I have received great directions and suggestions from my professor Anezka Sebek. I have also received amazing support and advice from other professors in the department for example, Katherine Moriwaki, Sven Travis, Aneta Genova and Sabine Seymour.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?

I would like to work as a freelance graphic designer, apply for artist residency in different museums in New York and also create my own brand of accessories that ties the kinetic wearables with jewelry design. 

Yuchen with pieceThanks Yuchen! Good luck with the rest of your semester! Follow Yuchen’s blog for upcoming projects here.

See the event on Make Zine and on Engaged.
Photography by Daniel Mastretta Twitter: @dmtta.
Modeling by Nour Chamoun and Carl Jadaa.
Hair Styling by Ryan Stone.


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