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MFA and BFA Photography Students – Install Your Work In Project Room 5

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Project Room 5 is a space for Photo students (BFA & MFA) to showcase their work and experiment with installation.

Participating students will show their work for one (1) week. Work may be installed on Sunday after 11:00 AM and must be deinstalled on the following Saturday before 10:00 PM. Each student is allowed one booking per semester.

Participating students agree to abide by the following guidelines:

1. Work may only be mounted with pushpins. Velcro, bolts and tape may not be used. (Small nails may be used for heavier work, but only with the explicit permission of the ERC Tech Staff.)

2. Work may not impede traffic in and out of the room. The ERC Tech Staff must assist with any work being hung from the ceiling.

3. The installation must include a one-page sheet with your name and a description of your project. (Use pushpins to mount this on the wall.)

Please contact Zoe at to schedule a time slot.

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