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Mentor For Institute of Play Afterschool Program

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Short Circuit is the afterschool program developed by the Institute of Play. It’s a multidisciplinary enrichment space, where participants have the opportunity to imagine possibilities, create products and explore materials—from paper to pixels. During Short Circuit, students work at the intersection of physical and digital materials, taking systems apart and recombining their components in new ways. Short Circuit has been designed to support a range of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) standards. The program is being partially funded by the Gates Foundation, as a pilot site for youth-led programs centered on creativity and innovation.

They are looking for a mentor for Short Circuit. It’s been a great trisemester with kids doing soft circuits, hacking etc. They are looking for someone who works well with middle school kids, is interested in design process, maybe some code, lilypad, micro controllers, and helping to bridge physical and digital components.

This is a paid position for an artist/designer-educator who has some experience working with middle school kids

Deadline for applications is Friday, Dec 10, or until the position is filled. The position begins January 3, 2011

This interested can email

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