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Looking for Student to Help With Technological/Musical Aspects of Artist Installation

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opportunityArtists seek help with hacking/making music from retail security system for an upcoming installation/performance at gallery space during Frieze Art Fair

How to Steal Music From Machines (performance/installation)

Artist: Dora Budor / Bea Fremderman
Location: Four81 Gallery Space, NYC
Exhibition Information: Duo show of artists Dora Budor and Bea Fremderman

Short description: Installation made from retail security system (EAS Technology) activated by movement of performers wearing clothes with security tags, and produces different music playing from each system

Date: Opens May 8 2013


Our installation at Four81space is merging elements of shopping and theft in ‘secured’ environment with behavior usually described as criminal or ‘petty criminal’. Triggering desire and aspirations towards possessing the objects, performers become objects of value by themselves, carrying instruments of surveillance which they turn in their favor, therefore producing the different music/sound playing in the whole space. As the outfits they are wearing have numerous security tags attached to them, whenever they pass around the system the music activates, and the performance that first starts as minimal disruption of sound in the space becomes a choreographed movement where they start interacting with each other and produce symphonic sound.

In addition to the installation/performance, we are producing sets of objects inspired by the same idea of being the carrier of special value, and would be activated when brought from gallery in any retail space, their meaning changing from art objects into something that is illegal to possess in a retail environment. The inspiration for the show comes from consumer lifestyles and aspirations of desiring objects that is sometimes above their needs or possibilities, and will harness elements of design–lighting, sound, retail architecture, and clothing – that evoke contemporary environments, lifestyles, and shopping experiences in order to create a space that feels like a well-known shopping arena, but with different experiential value.


– I am seeking help with hacking/implementing mp3s or other system into 6-8 self-standing retail security systems (ones that usually stand at the entrance to the store) and with their activation by security tags (plastic hard ones), in order to create different music playlist playing from them
– The person or person(s) that I am looking for either has some experience with hacking radio systems/electronics in general OR has the problem-solving ability and interest to dive into this project and help realize these ‘singing’ sculptures, gaining experience with artist

– Making possible to have music playing from each system (not just alarm or beeping sound), activated by performers movement


– Initial meeting and conversation with ideas how to make this possible as soon as possible
– We are going to buy/rent the system and necessary equipment within the next 4 weeks.
– This will allow for 3 weeks of testing, but the show installation with whole system at the space will be very short (only 2 days), so we would have to make sure in advance that everything works as planned

– Our budget for the project is fairly small (and mostly will go towards buying resources and equipment for the show)
– In exchange for time, we can offer a small fee
– You would also receive a production credit on materials for the installation
– We will be able to compensate further if any of the pieces in the show are commissioned for further projects or sold

If interested, please contact:
Dora Budor

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