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Live Performances and Installation in Kellen Gallery – Today (Weds.), 2-6pm

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Selected Performances, Presentations and Workshops from Graduating Students in the School of Art, Media and Technology
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 West 13th Street

May 15th, 3pm-6pm
Bettina Behjat Banayan 
“100 Pounds”

In 100 Pounds, artist Bettina Behjat Banayan creates dough to equal to her body weight, 100 pounds. 100 Pounds relates to the way that consumption has become a spectacle. The spectacle of consumption has similarly come forth today via digital technology. Food-based television shows, which portray a person cooking or eating–sometime excessively, such as in shows like “Man Vs. Food–are fitting examples of this. In the “Man Vs. Food” ‘food challenges’ the town’s community goes to the restaurant to watch the host test his eating abilities. Like 100 Pounds, the viewer is able to live vicariously through the performer. Banayan also argues through her performance that the rise in personalized social media technologies such as Facebook have given us a desire for the constant need of fulfillment therefore, generating the spectacle of consumption in another sense.


May 15th, 6pm-10am
Amanda Maduri
“Depth Perception”

Depth Perception seeks to visually represent what the mind takes for granted. It has been a year-long design project ( of exploring what makes us interpret 2 dimensional elements as showing illusions of 3 dimensional depth. Being presented is the performance of my screen based designs that seek to show simple depth, projected onto a physical space, which results in a complicated juxtaposition of illusion vs reality.

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