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Katia Vega Lecture – Beauty Technology: Could your skin become an interface?

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When: Wednesday April 20th, 7-8 pm, 6 E 16th St., D1208

Title: Beauty Technology: Could your skin become an interface?

Even though the billion dollars global beauty business market is mostly supported by women and 4 in 5 women wear makeup everyday, beauty products still have not been thoroughly explored in relation to their use as wearable computers. In this talk, we will explore how to disrupt this frontier by placing technology directly on the body surface by embedding electronics into cosmetics. In this way, just like magic, the body becomes an interactive platform with seamless technology on one’s skin, fingernails and hair, in forms like Tech Nails, FX e-makeup and Conductive Eyelashes.

About Katia:

Katia Vega is a Beauty Tech Designer. Inspired by invisible computing and wearables, she proposes novel ways to move from traditional to interactive cosmetics. Currently, she is a postdoc at the Responsive Environments Group at MIT Media Lab (USA). She got her PhD and master degree at PUC-Rio (Brazil) and received a BS from UNMSM (Peru). She was a Research Assistant at HKBU (Hong Kong). Her work was covered by New Scientist, Wired, Discovery, CNN, PSFK and others.


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