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Katherine Moriwaki Awarded School Fund to Facilitate BioArt Course

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With a Parsons School Fund Award, Katherine Moriwaki was able to facilitate a partnership with Genspace co-founder and artist Nurit Bar-Shai. The resulting course on BioArt, taught and developed by Nurit guided students in creating art based on biological substances. Read more about the previous projects from students who have taken the class and have further developed connections with Genspace below. Read more about the previous projects from students who have taken the class below.

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An image from Fabiola Einhorn & Roula Gholmieh’s project “Duration.”

Fabiola Einhorn and Roula Gholmieh, Spring 2014, both Design & Technology students. Their work uses a sustainable photosynthesis microorganism to create a biological clock. The project is called “Duration: Notions of Time-space Relativity through Life Forms.”

Einhorn also created “174 magazine”- A futuristic magazine about Synthetic Biology and Culture; Imaging how Biotech will be implemented into our everyday life.

sylbia saborio

An image of Sylvia Saborio’s GMO print from the project “Veevo”.

Sylvia Saborio, Fall 2013, Communication Design student. For her thesis project, Sylvia created GMO wallpaper prints. The prints integrated biotech and print-making techniques using engineered bacteria with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), Red Fluorescent Protein RFP) and purple to make wallpaper tiles. This project was initiated at the BioArt class doing the microbiome workshops (bacteria transformations, bacteria painting and bacteria printing) and further developed by the student at Genspace into her final theses.


An image from the presentation of “Meta Urn”.

Rodolfo Segrera (Fito) and Ayodamola Okunseinde, Spring 2014, Design & Technology students. Created the “Meta Urn”, which collects electrical energy from the breakdown and decomposition of biological organisms.

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