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Introducing Flesh and Chrome – student organization focusing on wearable tech and computational fashion

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suitsFlesh and Chrome is a cross-disciplinary student organization at Parsons. Their mission is to create a network of support for students who are interested in wearable technology and computational fashion design.

The adviser is Sabine Seymour, and the first meeting will be held on Thursday, September 18 at 3-3:50 in room 1206 on D12 (6 E 16th Street, 12th floor).

Students can learn more about the group by sending an email to:

Below is a sample of  some of the group member’s work.



Imagined Body is an emotional prosthetic that works as an extension of the human body. It combines three areas of study: mechanical technology, wearable technology, and our most primal technology – the ability to create and understand expression and the emotions of others. Because we create gestures with our hands and arms to express ourselves the ‘limbs’ of the project are connected to loops which fit round the wearer’s hands. The ‘limbs’ of the prosthetic become activated and convey emotion by moving with the user as he stretches and folds his arms. You can see a video here.

Images by: Yuchen Zhang

Video by: Sam Thurman


Stephanie Burgess

Your Skin, My Skin

Your skin, My Skin is a wireless, interactive, physical composition which explores the relationship between self and other, questioning how much influence we have over our tactile senses. By physically extending our bodies beyond our own skin’s container into a new container, Your Skin, My Skin abstracts from our established norm of interaction with others and creates a new, contemporary experience for critical reflection of modern culture. Additionally it aims to provide a modest transformative window for the future of haptic technologies.

video here:

(image Suits)


Birce Ozkan

Augmented Skirt


Nicole Messier

Ubiquitous Computing Helmet

The ubiquitous computing helmet explores how design, both aesthetically and technically, can transform a bicycle helmet into a desired and fashionable aspect of riding a bicycle. With an increase in urbanization and the number of cyclist in urban environments, this design aims to reach into the future to investigate the ubiquitous computing capabilities of a helmet that will provide a safe and desired experience between the user and the helmet. This project synthesized information regarding the aesthetics of a helmet and the design of a safe, audio emitting helmet to allow the user to hear both music and ambient noise of the city soundscape.

Created with Lilypad MP3, accelerometer, microphone amplifier, speakers, data logging shield, and rotary encoder.


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