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Miami creative initiative MGKAT presents #IHAITIBASEL, an arts showcase and interactive project with digital and physical components, set to debut in Little Haiti during Miami Art Week. MGKAT hopes to support, connect, and contribute to the neighborhood’s already-existing creative community. Events will include performances by local artists, as well as Zebra Katz and Richard Kennedy of Hercules and Love Affair, among others.

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In its simplest form, #IHAITIBASEL is an interactive map, linking visitors to local businesses, artist-run spaces, and commercial galleries in the neighborhood. Available online and mobile-friendly, the #IHAITIBASEL map is an open forum. Local spaces and residents are invited to submit locations, creative events, and random happenings during Art Week, and all will be added to the #IHAITIBASEL calendar, launching December 1, 2014.

This interactive resource center and archive can be found on the website,, officially launching December 1. Individuals who wish to contribute their events or locations to the calendar, but who do not have Internet access, are invited to submit them directly at the #IHAITIBASEL Headquarters.

Submissions for the #IHAITIBASEL calendar are welcome starting November 24, 2014.

The project’s physical extension will take place at Headquarters, the Little Haiti Thrift & Gift Store, and Cheetah’s Lounge, a secret space. MGKAT’s residence at the store is a collaborative affair, initially suggested by Schiller and Myrlande Sanon-Jules, longtime neighborhood residents and the store’s managers. Events and locations to follow:


111 North Miami Ave, Studio #7113, Miami, FL, 33150
The Little Haiti Thrift & Gift Store
5865 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33137

Cheetah’s Lounge


Wednesday, December 3
#IHAITIBASEL Launch Party / Strangeways & Packet Launch Party
Little Haiti Thrift & Gift Store

Buffet dinner featuring culinary delights by Chef Jacque Joseph.

Fashion show by jewelry designer Deon Rubi, in collaboration with Myrlande of the Little Haiti

Thrift & Gift Store.

A performance by Richard Kennedy of Hercules and Love Affair.

A rara band procession leading guests from the shop to the #IHAITIBASEL Headquarters. Strangeways and Packet will release two special edition #IHAITIBASEL magazines, available at the store.

Thursday, December 4
Maggie Knox Gallery Photo Exhibition
#IHAITIBASEL Headquarters
10am – 6pm

A photo exhibition at Maggie Knox Gallery featuring the work of both local and nonlocal artists. Proceeds from the gallery will be donated to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Second Life Party
The Internet
9pm – 2am
A virtual screening of a Second Life party, hosted by Patricia Margarita Hernandez and Agustina Woodgate.

Friday, December 5
Little Haiti Thrift & Gift Store
7pm – 3am
A night of music and experimental sound, featuring performances by acts from Little Haiti and elsewhere.

Saturday, December 6
Little Haiti Thrift & Gift Store
10pm – 3am
An evening presented by nationally renowned vogue party, Catwalk, with performances by Zebra Katz, Gooddroid, and Bonnie Beats.

Sunday, December 7
Undisclosed location
10pm – 2am
#IHAITIBASEL will culminate in a closing ceremony and party, It’s (Not) That Serious, with special surprise guests.

Cheetah’s Lounge
11pm – 4am
Open every night in an undisclosed location, featuring spontaneous intimate performances.

**Portions of the proceeds from the Little Haiti Thrift & Gift Store will be donated to multiple outlets in Little Haiti.

More about MGKAT
MGKAT functions as a support system for creative projects and the specific conditions for their development and existence.

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