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“I Shot Kate Moss” Info Sessions for Submission Thurs. 4/2

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Come meet artist Zev Jonas and special guest photographer Saul Robbins, and find out how to become part of this exciting project!

Thursday April 2, 2015
25 east 13th st
Room 503
3:15pm – 5:00PM

On September 25, 2013, Christie’s London sold 58 images of Kate Moss at auction for almost $3m. In reaction to this sale, Zev Jonas established an online project utilizing altered Kate Moss photographs to explore how we exhibit, view and mass-produce images of each other and how these representations become individualized. Zev began by creating 58 new unique and distorted images of Kate Moss, captured as in-camera montages of the layered images he encountered in public spaces. These were uploaded to and the project went live in Nov, 2013. Zev soon opened up the project to submission, and to date there are hundreds of unique works.


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