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Hybrid Projects: Text/Image a collaborative MFA Workshop with TNS Creative Writing Program

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For AMT MFA students only

Saturday, Sept 24th 11am-1:30pm

What is the relationship between text and image? How can writers and image-makers deepen their practice(s) by exchange, collaboration and exploration? 

This workshop will bring together MFA students from the TNS Creative Writing and Parsons AMT programs for a masterclass on hybrid forms. We will view and read compositions and projects presenting text and image together. We will look closely at works and processes that include both single-author and collaborative works. We will further work from prompts in-class to generate ideas and material for hybrid projects. This workshop is designed for writers of all genres, as well as image-makers working in print, web and moving media.

Co-taught by Jess Irish & LB Thompson

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Applications due September 16

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