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Great Opportunities at Google

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Creative Lab is currently on the lookout for world-class talent to fill positions for this years’ Five. At the Lab, it’s less about Cannes Lions and more about the Nobel Peace Prize.
Students can send their portfolio and resume to

The position is a twelve month paid externship. You show up for a year, do some of the best work of your life, and then take your newfound Googliness out into the world.

Art Director/ Designer a.k.a Michael Angelo: This person should have have a keen understanding of advertising, story and be able to execute and design their own and others’ concepts. Everything you touch should turn to magic.

Writer a.k.a Hemingway (but less moody): This person must be a storyteller and excel in writing both long form and headline driven copy. The ideal candidate will understand the elements of a story and the complexities of content across platforms and be able to distill ideas into easily understood communications. It won’t hurt if you dabble in Photoshop, too.

Creative Technologist a.k.a. Merlin: This hacker-tinkerer will have an untamed curiosity and interest in guiding experiences and communication through code. Must be familiar with a variety of languages and technologies (JavaScript, HTML 5, ActionScript 3, etc…). Seriously, we’re looking for a wizard with the hat and everything.

Filmmaker/Animator a.k.a Michel Gondry: This person would be a master of visual story making and be able to animate. Shooting, directing and creating the story while collaborating with a spectrum of creatives the resident filmmaker provides a high level of conceptual know how and precision of craft in the edit room. Final Cut Pro and After Effects are a must.

Designer a.k.a.: Tibor Callman: The Visual Designer is a conceptual being steeped in the foundations of graphic design and the fundamentals of brand thinking. Complex ideas should be met with design solutions that boil them down into their simplest visual forms, from interface and icon to poster or motion.

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