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Graphic Design Faculty, Jeanne Verdoux featured in public art installation Going Green

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Jeanne Verdoux, ‘Rain fall’, Made with found objects on Governors Island, limited ed C-Print, 2012


Going Green

April 20 – May 6, 2018

Contra Galleries, 122 West 26th Street 5th Fl., NY

Opening Reception: April 20, 2018, from 6-9 PM. 

Jeanne Verdoux, Graphic Design Faculty, is one of the artists featured in the public art installation Going Green. Her artwork ‘Mr. Bones’ is currently on view on a billboard at 1064 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn.

Going Green is a cross-media exhibition organized by SaveArtSpace and curated by McCormick. It aims to use the public and gallery space as a tool for creating positive disruption and change. In an age of misinformation and the now proverbial and continued unreality of “Fake News,” how do we continue to facilitate important intersectional discussions that can engage and expand our horizons of the world around us? Disruptions continue to confront us at every turn: climate change, government mismanagement and obstructionism, systematic disenfranchisement across the cultural spectrum—but for every negative, there is the opportunity to create a positive. By bringing public art, cannabis activism, alternative culinary education, fact-based climate policy, and social justice advocacy together under the banner of Going Green, we can create a conversation that peaks curiosity and extols the virtues of openness and sharing.

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