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Freelance physcomp/coding/art project

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Wendelin and Mathias are looking for a person to help in realizing an art project for a museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project consists of a greenhouse filled with plants that are mechatronically enhanced (cyborg plants) autarchic, and interact with their environment with different sensors and actuators.

The work is scheduled for a 1.5 month period, beginning immediately til mid February.
Payment is based on accomplished project tasks.

Embedded design (mbed, Arduino, ARM)
Sensors (gyro, T, gas etc)
Interface to actuators (pneumatic, valves etc),
Soldering/hardware tinkering/all-round building experience

They have a fully equipped shop for prototyping mechatronics stuff in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Prospective candiate has to be self sufficient, work independently, be task oriented, responsible, get project stages developed within deadlines.

Replies to:
Wendelin Weigartner email and
Mathias Kessler

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