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Free Webinar: Difficult Dialogues on Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

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“Can We Talk? How to Constructively Facilitate and Engage Your Students in Difficult Dialogues on Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation”

Description: As classrooms become increasingly diverse, difficult dialogues on race, gender and sexual orientation have often served to polarize students and teachers rather than to clarify and increase
mutual understanding about majority-minority group relations. Most well-intentioned instructors find themselves ill-prepared to deal with the often explosive race-related emotions that manifest themselves in the classroom. Poorly handled, such dialogues may result in disastrous consequences (anger, hostility, silence, complaints,
misunderstandings, blockages of the learning process, etc.); skillfully handled they present an opportunity for growth, improved communication, and learning. During this Guest Lecture, Derald Wing Sue will share strategies on how to constructively facilitate and engage your students in difficult dialogues on race, gender, and
sexual orientation.

Presenter: Derald Wing Sue, Teachers College, Columbia University
Date: Nov. 29 2012
Time: 11:00 AM EST
Duration: 1 hour

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